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The Easiest Way to Get More Cases.

Our AI-powered system finds, screens, and delivers procedure-ready patients.

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You're a Highly Trained Physician. You should work top of license.

We're building the world's best Patient Acquisition Platform, guaranteed to bring you more of the exact cases you want.

Does your practice struggle with:

✔️ Competing Against Corporate Healthcare with Unlimited Resources

✔️ Inconsistent Surgical Schedule and Unpredictable Revenue

✔️ Spending More Money on Ad Clicks with No Real Difference

✔️ Giving Treatment Below Your Skill and License Level

✔️ Leads that Never Schedule or Show Up

You have more than a marketing problem.

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Most practices and marketing agencies follow the Traditional 4-Step Marketing Funnel.

But it never seems to work as promised.

The traditional funnel can get you leads, but it doesn't acquire patients.

You don't want more leads, you want more cases.

You have a patient acquisition problem.

The Patient Journey

Getting leads is only half the battle - understanding the patient journey gets them to the finish line.

Each patient takes a unique path to and through your practice.

We call this the Patient Journey, and we are mastering the ideal experience.

"No one else is doing this."

- Plastic Surgeon Client

Clickcase is building the most advanced patient acquisition platform in the world.

With over 500 new patients and more than $2 Million in Revenue, it's no wonder we have a 100% client retention rate.

Clickcase Philosophy:

The 4 Pillars of Patient Acquisition
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Procedure-based marketing allows you to help the patient earlier in their journey. Which procedure would you choose?

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Your patient is having a conversation in their mind. Each stage in the journey brings a new set of questions to be answered.

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Patients are hesitant until they feel fully informed. Teach them and answer their questions before their visit.

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Nearly every practice under-communicates with new patients. Our average new-patient procedures require more than 15 touches.

When these pillars are implemented, leads become patients.

When you implement a full patient journey into your practice you'll get:

"There comes a time when you have to stop throwing money at [marketing], just trying to outclick your competition, and do something different. That's what you guys are doing."

- Otolaryngology Client

New Results Require a New Approach

How can you stand out when doing the same old thing as everyone else seeking patients? Here's what to expect with us:

Find the right patient early in their journey.
Guide them through their issue with AI-powered education.
Qualify the patient before they schedule a visit.
Deliver the procedure-ready patient.
Re-engage the patients that weren't ready, and help them until they are.

Getting Started is Easy

Fill your schedule with cases you want.

Great! We'll talk to you soon.

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