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Still Ignoring That Rotator Cuff Injury? It's Not Going to Fix Itself.

Permanently fix your shoulder pain with one quick proven procedure even if it's been sore for years.

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Has it been months or even years since you've had full use of your shoulder? Has it gotten better or worse?

You can return to pain-free living and permanently heal your Rotator Cuff injury with this minimally invasive, 45-minute procedure.

Constant shoulder pain is more than just a nagging injury; it robs you of happiness, independence, and the little joys of life.

Now you may be able to get rid of the:

✔️ Chronic or Nagging Shoulder Pain

✔️ Limited Range of Motion

✔️ Sudden Sharp Pains

✔️ Swelling and Tenderness

✔️ Cracking or Popping Sensations

✔️ Weakness Following Injury

✔️ Disturbed and Poor Sleep


✔️ Missing Out On Life

Not Sure If Your Shoulder Pain Applies?

Answers a few short questions to see if your shoulder pain could be related to an injured rotator cuff.

What causes pain from a Rotator Cuff injury?


Pain from a rotator cuff injury is mainly due to inflammation or tears in the shoulder tendons, often from overuse or sudden injury. This pain, a deep ache in the shoulder, worsens with movements like lifting your arm or reaching behind your back. It can also radiate down the arm, causing weakness and discomfort.

No one should have to just accept living with constant pain and discomfort.

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Meet Dr. Matti Palo, M.D

Dr. Matti Palo Jr. is a physicist and Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon operating in the North Shore area serving Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, Slidell, Hammond. Matti has shown his passion for improving the quality of healthcare as demonstrated by his 99th percentile patient satisfaction scores and surgical outcomes.


The shoulder boasts a broad and adaptable range of motion, yet this flexibility also brings a challenge in stability, rendering it susceptible to wear and tear, injury, and occasional dislocation.


Whether your shoulder discomfort stems from arthritis, a labrum tear, a rotator cuff injury, or another cause, Dr. Matti Palo offers expert care aimed at restoring your well-being and enabling you to resume activities you enjoy.

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After more than 5000 arthroscopic procedures, it's no wonder our patients are so thrilled.

"We had such a great experience using Dr. Palo. His expertise and the professionalism of his office staff exceeded all expectations."

How much more time, money, and energy will you continue investing in inadequate solutions?

✖️ Endless OTC pain medication

✖️ Avoiding sleep on one side

✖️ Icing and Heating Pads

✖️ Relying on others for help

✖️ Injections

Temporary fixes won't bring lasting relief.

What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

A way to permanently heal your Rotator Cuff injury

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure to treat shoulder problems. Dr. Palo makes small incisions and inserts a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, to view the shoulder joint on a monitor.

Rotator cuff injuries, a common cause of shoulder pain, may need surgery if pain persists despite nonsurgical methods. If you are very active and use your arms for overhead work or sports, surgery might be suggested.


This minimally invasive approach typically results in less pain, faster recovery, and smaller scars compared to traditional open shoulder surgery.  Studies have shown that shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff repair can lead to significant pain relief and functional improvement.

Will Shoulder Arthroscopy Work for me?

According to the HSS, 94% of patients who undergo shoulder arthroscopy reported improved shoulder health when surveyed after one year post-procedure. Every shoulder injury is different; to find out if shoulder arthroscopy will fix your shoulder issues, you'll need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Palo.

Will Insurance Cover It?

We accept nearly all insurance (including medicare). We pre-authorize each visit to our clinic so there are no surprises. We are unable to accept Medicaid at this time.

A single straightforward choice could allow you to return to a pain-free, fully operational shoulder.

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