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Missing Out on Life's Little Moments Due to Nasal Issues? Not Anymore.

Now you may be able to live a life without the always-runny nose, post-nasal drip, and a pocket full of tissues, with a simple, quick in-office procedure.

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How Long Has It Been Since You Went a Day without Blowing Your Nose?

Treat Your Chronic Rhinitis in Just One Visit with NEUROMARK®, a Gentle, Minimally-Invasive Procedure.

Chronic Rhinitis is more than just a runny nose; it's a thief of joy, sleep, and life's little pleasures.

Now you may be able to get rid of the:

✔️ Difficulty Breathing

✔️ Always Runny Nose

✔️ Constant Throat Clearing

✔️ Blowing Your Nose in Public

✔️ Sleepless Nights

✔️Missing Out On Life

What Causes Chronic Rhinitis?


For many patients, chronic rhinitis is caused by overactive posterior nasal nerves that put mucus production into overdrive, leaving you with an always runny nose, excessive sneezing, and constant throat clearing.

(Not to mention a pocket full of used tissues)

No one should have to just accept living with constant frustration and fatigue.

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Meet Dr. Gregory Levitin

Dr. Levitin has established himself as the leading nasal / sinus expert in Manhattan after successfully helping thousands of patients overcome chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, and other sinus issues.


Known for his attention to detail and bedside manner, Dr. Levitin continues to attract patients from across the country seeking relief.

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After more than 1,000 minimally- invasive sinonasal procedures, it's no wonder our patients are so thrilled.

"I have never been so grateful for a doctor!" 

-Mike G., Patient

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