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SmartLipo Overview

Watch this video to learn about the minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat deposits and enhance body contours. The video explains how SmartLipo uses laser technology to melt fat cells, which are then gently suctioned out, resulting in smoother firmer skin.

The video also covers the typical patient experience, from the initial consultation to the quick recovery, providing a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from SmartLipo.

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  • What exactly is balloon sinuplasty and how does it differ from traditional sinus surgery?
    Balloon sinuplasty, also known as balloon sinus dilation, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to treat chronic sinusitis. Unlike traditional sinus surgery, it doesn't involve cutting or removal of bone and tissue. Instead, a small balloon is inserted into the sinus passageways and gently inflated to widen them and facilitate better drainage.
  • Will my insurance cover the cost of balloon sinuplasty?
    Most insurance plans cover balloon sinuplasty. We accept all insurances and ensure that all visits and procedures are authorized in advance, so you're not faced with unexpected costs. If you have a deductible, we'll inform you about any payment due before the procedure.
  • Are there any financing or payment plans available for balloon sinuplasty at your clinic?
    Currently, City Sinus Care does not offer in-house financing or payment plans for balloon sinuplasty. However, since the procedure is usually covered by insurance, many patients find it financially manageable.
  • How much does balloon sinuplasty typically cost?
    On average, the cost of balloon sinuplasty at our clinic is around $6,500. This cost includes all aspects of the procedure but may vary depending on individual insurance plans and specific patient needs. Again, most insurances typically cover the cost of this procedure, and we pre-authorize all appointments so there are no surprises.
  • Do you offer any special discounts for this procedure?
    We focus on providing the highest quality care and do not offer discounts on balloon sinuplasty. Our pricing reflects the expertise of our staff and the state-of-the-art technology we use.
  • Could you explain the process of consultation for balloon sinuplasty at your clinic?
    The consultation process at City Sinus Care is comprehensive. We accept all insurance plans and ensure prior authorization for all visits. During the consultation, Dr. Levitin assesses your suitability for the procedure and discusses all aspects, including potential benefits and risks.
  • What is the likelihood that a consultation will lead to the procedure?
    Dr. Levitin closely monitors consultation outcomes. Historically, about 92% of patients who consult for balloon sinuplasty proceed with the surgery, indicating high confidence and satisfaction with the information and care plan provided.
  • Where will my balloon sinuplasty procedure be performed, and what are the associated costs?
    Your balloon sinuplasty will be conducted in our well-equipped office, ensuring comfort and convenience. There is no operating room required, as this is a minimally-invasive procedure.
  • How long does the balloon sinuplasty procedure take, and what kind of anesthesia is used?
    The procedure takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. We use local or topical anesthesia, making it pain-free. Patients often describe the experience as more comfortable than a dental procedure, as they remain awake without discomfort.
  • What should I expect during the recovery period after balloon sinuplasty?
    Recovery is usually swift. For the first three days, expect some stuffiness and mucus, akin to cold symptoms. We schedule a follow-up visit three days post-procedure to clean out your nose, which greatly improves breathing. Over the next two weeks, you'll notice gradual healing and significant improvement in symptoms like headaches, congestion, and snoring. You'll be functional throughout and can resume light activities after a few days.
  • How effective is balloon sinuplasty in treating chronic sinusitis and its symptoms?
    Balloon sinuplasty is highly effective in treating chronic sinusitis. A recent study of more than 1,000 patients found that over 95% of patients saw improvement. Patients typically report a 50-80% improvement in symptoms such as headaches, congestion, difficulty breathing, and snoring. It's a targeted approach that directly addresses the sinus passageways, enhancing drainage and reducing inflammation.
  • Can balloon sinuplasty help with conditions other than sinusitis?
    While primarily used for chronic sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty can also alleviate related conditions like snoring and certain types of sinus headaches. By improving sinus drainage and reducing blockages, it can indirectly address these issues.
  • What are the key benefits of choosing balloon sinuplasty over other sinus treatments?
    Balloon sinuplasty offers several advantages: it's minimally invasive, involves no cutting or removal of bone, has a quick recovery time, and is performed under local anesthesia, making it less daunting than traditional surgery. Plus, its high success rate and minimal discomfort make it a preferred choice for many patients.
  • Are there any lifestyle changes or preparations I need to make before undergoing balloon sinuplasty?
    Preparation for balloon sinuplasty is straightforward. We recommend avoiding certain medications that may increase bleeding risk, like aspirin or ibuprofen, for a few days before the procedure. Otherwise, no significant lifestyle changes are required. We will provide detailed instructions tailored to your specific health profile during your pre-procedure consultation.

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